Wonders & Exclaims

Years ago we started the book of Wonders & Exclaims, a giant journal in the studio as a place to record our thoughts, questions, wonderings, favorite words of the day, and drawings.

This space is dedicated to sharing some of these delights with you.  Enjoy!

“I love touching nature!”

– Matti, age 7 –

Why is dirt so sparkly?

There’s nothing better than water and rocks. Nothing so simple.

Alex, age 9

Do fish drink water?

Can anything live in clay?

Why do thorns break off so easily sideways?

At Strawtown we don’t just go on walks or hikes, we go on adventures!

Milo, age 8

How is the stem of a water grass above the water different from the stem below the water?

I’m so caught in the colors today!

Celia, age 12

How do you know when you’re done making art?

Why do humans laugh?

Why do snails leave a shimmery rainbow trail?

I wish I could live at Strawtown!

Cleo, age 9

Why do I feel happy?

Why do people litter?

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