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Winter Wilds
30 Jan

Wintertime Wilds

Nyack Library, Nyack

How do animals survive our cold New York winters? Join Strawtown artists and naturalists in exploring the three responses animals have to winter: migration, hibernation, and adaptation. Have fun creating your own winter landscape with animal puppets.   ...

7 Feb

After School Class

Marydell Faith & Life Center, Nyack

Discover new ways to play with the day! Notice what’s happening in nature: the season, weather, daylight, trees, wildlife . . . In this class we watch the workings of nature over time, and let our questions be our guide. We make art related to our discoveries, with a...

13 Feb

Next Level Nature Art – for ages 10-15

Marydell Faith & Life Center, Nyack

Does your pre-teen like to make things, spend time outdoors, hang out with friends?   This program is designed for 10 - 15 year olds, during their transition from late childhood to early adolescence. It's the place to learn mastery of skills, explore personal...

The Strawtown Experience

Through shared hands-on nature discovery, art with natural materials, and science inquiry, participants come away with a greater understanding of the world and themselves.

Strawtown Studio

Nature, Art, Children


Making a Difference: Children and Community Water Advocacy


Please Support Our Important Mission!

Strawtown is growing!  After 16 years we are looking to accomplish a whole lot more.  With your support we can reach more children and  communities! 

“If you raised all the children, we could turn it around in one generation.” -Joey L, parent

Strawtown In The News!

2019 Woman of Distinction Award

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The New York State Assembly honored Laurie Seeman in Albany with a 2019 Woman of Distinction Award for innovation in teaching children in nature, and for “meeting the needs of the environment with steadfast work, wisdom, and compassion.” Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee, recognized 10 women from Rockland County, acknowledging that “these women, whose strength, vision, hard work and compassion are lifting up others, strengthening our communities, our economy, and improving our quality of life.”  

Water Advocacy Recognized

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Rockland County Times named Laurie Seeman as the Volunteer of the Week. The Times recognized her dedication and inspiration in organizing community aquatic monitoring — protecting the American eel, advocating for the protection of water, and for inspiring students and the community to explore the natural world through personal inquiry and an artistic lens, which betters our understanding of the environment and ourselves. Photo Credit: Laurie Seeman

Earth Matters: The Suez Saga and Why You Care

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Few things are more important than protecting our local drinking water supply.  Have you heard what Suez wants to do at Lake DeForest?  Strawtown’s own Laurie Seeman is just one of the local citizens who is questioning what is right for the water.  Want to find out how to quickly get involved and have your voice heard?  Helpful steps are included in this article.



Together, with Laurie’s visionary leadership and support from our friends & sponsors, we are dedicatedly working to expand our program offerings and launch new teacher trainings from our base location at Marydell in Upper Nyack.

Please visit the link below and add your own support to help us attain wider success in teaching more children. Thank you!


“We truly love what you do for the community and our son. We feel so comfortable sending him to you because you educate him in nature, creativity, mindfulness and awareness. It’s very much appreciated.”

Ashley R.


“We are lucky to have found a place our daughter can really be herself, that challenges her, and inspires her each day. Thank you so much for being such wonderful and inspirational teachers!”

Jenn W.


“One thing I was especially impressed with was how calm and comfortable the kids were with you being outdoors all day, no electronics, and I wonder what magic you guys employed to make them feel so.”

Sona M.

NY/NJ Trail Conference



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