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A recent project funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities New York.
2 Community Centers, 3 Teams, and a Whole Lot of Joy!

Children Need Creative Hands-On Learning Now More Than Ever! 

That’s why Strawtown is shifting our focus. We see the need for more caring, trained adults to guide children in out-of-school settings. As a leader and innovator in outdoor Nature Art Education, Strawtown is uniquely positioned to provide you with abundant program content and trainings. For all those looking for inspiration, tools, and skills for making a difference in children’s lives, join us today!

Facilitator Training Program
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Nature-Connected Children Need Nature-Connected Adults!

Do you love nature, art and children? Learn from the Strawtown place-based teaching model, developed over 20+ years. Gain inspiration, tools, and confidence for providing creative learning experiences wherever you are.

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Children need healthy nature guided experiences

Laurie Seeman, Executive Director

Your support will help us to reach more children – and train more adults who can guide them outdoors. There is a growing demand for nature connection that needs to be met. Contributions of any size will make possible youth and facilitator scholarships, training materials, and mentorship programs. Please help to make the difference today. We thank you!

“If you raised all the children, we could turn it around in one generation.” -Joey L, parent

Strawtown Studio is honored to be awarded a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grant for its community project called “InHabit Art”, with the youth and their leaders from the Haverstraw Center and Martin Luther King Multi-Purpose Center!

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