Making a Difference: Children and Community Water Advocacy

Created by Jenny McCormack

A window into Strawtown Studio’s Nature Art Education

Created by Jenny McCormack

The Sparkill Creek is a favorite outdoor classroom site, but the creek needs help. Strawtown Director, Laurie Seeman, founded the Sparkill Creek Watershed Alliance (, with the mission to develop practices and partnerships to help restore the creek. This video features the group’s water quality sampling program, in partnership with the Hudson Riverkeeper.

Strawtown’s river art workshop featured at the “Hudson River Fish Count”.

Strawtown’s “Water Flowing By” workshop was created for municipal planners, elected officials, community leaders, and citizen advocates to raise awareness and inspire actions for protecting and restoring the life-supporting systems in our waterways.

Strawtown program for urban youth, in partnership with the Highlands Environmental Research Institute (HEnRI).

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