About Our Programs

For almost 20 years, Strawtown Studio has created
a sense of safety, support, and community
for children and families for an hour or a lifetime.

We have brought that feeling by exploring the natural world through art and adventure… whether we brought a class of 4th graders to the Minisciengo Creek for one class, or through taking one child through our programs and then bringing him back as a camp educator.

Our sense of community is timeless.

Our sense of place is exactly where we are.

Join us in this special time for one of the following programs that we have created to find your place in our community, or to help build your own!  (Details to be announced shortly)

  • Virtual and in-person Apprentice, Facilitator, and Parent trainings
  • Children’s in-person class (limited availability)
  • Art Box virtual program for Parent and Child
  • Family Nature Art weekend program

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