About Our Programs

For nearly 20 years, Strawtown Studio has created programs that engage children, families and communities in connecting with nature through art and science discovery.

We are committed to keeping the future bright for the children, and to honoring their natural way of learning through direct hands-on experiences with nature, art and science.

Even in the face of such immense change in 2020, Strawtown has been supporting families, organizations, teachers, and children. And although our programs have been different, we have still been able to help children keep their love of learning alive. Only now, we do so in the comfort of their places, with their families and nature surroundings.

Our Online Programming is combined with lessons for safely exploring the outdoors, sustainably harvesting natural materials, and seeing the world through an artistic lens. This new method of teaching will continue to be part of our work for years to come. But, we are also looking forward to the time when it is safe for us all to gather together as well.



To reach even more children and families during this time, we have initiated a series of Facilitator Trainings. These trainings are expanding the network of educators and teaching artists that can employ Strawtown methods in their communities, schools, families, and pods.




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