Board Members

Catherine Quinn, Chair

Catherine Quinn, Chair

Retired Environmental Engineer, NYS Professional Engineer

Armed with a love of the outdoors, a BS in Environmental Biology, a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering, a NYS Professional Engineer’s license, and an appreciation for the importance of our local watersheds/waterways, Cathy worked for 30+ years in Rockland to protect water supplies, prevent soil/water pollution, and clean up existing contaminated sites.

Cathy has previously served on two local community Boards, and is passionate about this opportunity to contribute to Strawtown.

Matt Shook, Vice Chair

Matt Shook, Vice Chair

Matthew Shook is the Director of Development and Special Projects for the Palisades Interstate Park Commission where he leads all PIPC fundraising efforts, serves as a liaison to PIPC non-profit and citizen group partners, manages grant and donor-funded contracts and projects, and heads all efforts at the PIPC archives. He previously held the title of Program Manager at the PIPC, acted as the Assistant Director of the Highlands Environmental Research Institute, and served two terms as an AmeriCorps intern at Trailside Museums & Zoo. He sits on the board of the Hudson River Watershed Alliance. Mr. Shook is a recipient of the Open Space Institute’s McHenry Award for Historical Preservation and the Greater Hudson Heritage Network’s Award Towards Excellence for the construction of the Lakeville-Ironworks Trail in Sterling Forest. He holds a Master’s of Public Administration from Rutgers Universiry and a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and Environmental Studies from Washington University in St. Louis.

Bari Lewart, Treasurer

Bari Lewart, Treasurer

For the past 20 years, Bari Lewart has served as Financial Director for her husband’s dental practice in Orangeburg, NY.  Since March of 2014, Bari works at VCS as Executive Administrator. Bari joined the Strawtown Board in September 2012.  She is interested in social justice and environmental issues, as well as art, music, photography, and crafting.  Bari and her husband have been married since 1991 and have one sixteen year old son, who has been participating in Strawtown Studio programs since he was 7.  It was Bari’s love of nature and her son’s enthusiasm for his year-round Strawtown experiences that brought Bari to her new calling for artful childhood experiences in the natural world.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Strawtown over the years. You have individually and collectively made so many contributions that have touched many lives and helped to build our community!

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