From the adults

“My son absolutely loved today.  He wants to come for everything he possibly can!”

Sherry S.


“One thing I was especially impressed with was how calm and comfortable the kids were with you being outdoors all day, no electronics, and I wonder what magic you guys employed to make them feel so.”

Sona M.

NY/NJ Trail Conference

“We are lucky to have found a place our daughter can really be herself, that challenges her, and inspires her each day.  Thank you so much for being such wonderful and inspirational teachers!”

Jenn W.


“Thank you for creating a place for the boys to explore the sacred worlds around them and within.”

Carrie S.


“It gives me such a good feeling and comfort in the world knowing that you guys are out there doing what you do.”

Liz C.

Parent & School Liason

“The art from Strawtown still hangs in our home after all these years!”

Toby S.


“We truly love what you do for the community and our son. We feel so comfortable sending him to you because you educate him in nature, creativity, mindfulness and awareness.  It’s very much appreciated.”

Ashley R.


“My son came home beaming every day after your summer program!”

Anthony K.


From the children

“I had the best two weeks of my life here with you!”


Age 7

“Everything is so close and so cool!” 


Age 9

“I love touching nature!” 


Age 7

“At Strawtown, they don’t teach us ‘about’ nature, they teach us that we are ‘a part’ of nature.”


Age 11

“If all my friends came to Strawtown, they would be intelligent about the world.”


Age 12

“Mom, was that place you took me to in another land?”


Age 5

“I love that everyone connects and listens to each other – we are like a big family” 


Age 11

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