Deepening Our Understanding of Water

Audio recording of a web session, Renewing Society Through Deepening Our Understanding of Water, June 23rd, 2020 with Laurie Seeman, Founder of Strawtown Studio, Artist, Environmental Educator, and Water Advocate, and Jennifer Greene, Founder and Director of the Water Research Institute, Blue Hill, Maine. (1 hr 9 mins)

This session followed the 2019 North American Biodynamic Agriculture Conference water workshop, Knowing Water, Knowing Ourselves: A Dynamic Path Toward Healing the Earth (also with J. Greene and L. Seeman)

Listeners who have questions, comments, or general interest in water research, education, and advocacy can contact

Jennifer Greene

Jennifer Greene is the Founder and Director of the Water Research Institute of Blue Hill, ME, and is an internationally recognized contributor to the understanding and scientific explication of water as a purveyor of life, with over 40 years of experience as educator and environmentalist.

Laurie Seeman

Laurie Seeman is an environmental artist, naturalist, educator, and water activist. She founded Strawtown Studio, a place for nature, art and science education. She also founded the Sparkill Creek Watershed Alliance, and is Co-Leader of the Rockland Water Coalition.

Below photos represent the working pathway between water science, water education, and water advocacy, from Strawtown Studio and Jennifer Greene.

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