Schoolyard Programs

Hands-on, enriched learning outside your door!

Strawtown provides a fresh approach to learning about the world around us.  Students work with earth materials as scientists, naturalists, and artists.   Programs are staged for wonder and engagement.

Earth Science & Art: The Story of Soil

Students observe soil collected from the four corners of their schoolyard and make surprising discoveries!  The soil tells a story of hydrology, geology, topography and plant-life.  Children gain respect for soil when they learn about the earth processes and how long it takes to build healthy soil.  The four cardinal directions are introduced, and children create art with natural materials from their surroundings.  This is also a place-making workshop, where participants gain a new perspective of their schoolyard as a living system.

From Water Drop to Watershed

Children love to play with water, and they get excited when they discover hidden qualities of water in this workshop.  Students observe the movement of water, from a single drop to flowing streams over a watershed model.  With scientific experiments from the Water Research Institute of Maine, we provide insight into the true nature of water, and how it moves through our landscapes and our lives.  Students also learn the significance of preserving green spaces in order to keep water clean and healthy. Science turns to art when the ink and tools used to observe water are used for making paintings.

Plant Connections: Earth and Sky

Plants can’t get up and move like we can!  How do they live and get along?  This workshop takes a look at the interdependence of plant life: space, soil, water, sunlight, and interactions with animals and humans.  Students learn to identify the parts and stages of plants, and focus on the plant’s relationship to its environment.  Botanical study continues in an art-making session of shadow drawings with the sunlight (or flashlights), colored with flower petals, leaves, and earth pigments.

From Strawtown’s Healthy P.A.W.S Program (Plants, Animals, Water, Soil)


Programs Also Available:

  • Water Quality and Macro-Invertebrates (Leaf Pack Study)
  • School Garden Art and Science
  • River and Stream Ecology
  • Customized Workshops

Schoolyard programs are:

  • For grades K-8
  • 1 to 2 hours long
  • Held outdoors weather permitting (can be brought indoors)
  • Matched to state curriculum standards
  • Affordable (we come to your schoolyard, no buses required)

Contact us to discuss a program for your school or learning group!

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