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23 Nov

2019 Biodynamic Association Conference: “Cultivating Relationships: Earth, Cosmos, Community”, Nov. 20 – 24

Join Strawtown Director Laurie Seeman and world-renown water scientist Jennifer Greene for this innovative workshop!

Fri, Sat, Sun, Nov. 22, 23, 24: 8:30am – 10:00am each day

Knowing Water, Knowing Ourselves: A Dynamic Path Toward Healing the Earth

This highly participatory workshop is for agriculturists, environmentalists, municipal and government leaders, teachers, students, laymen, artists, change-makers, and all those who have a passion for nature and want to know how to nurture water as an element for life and to deepen inner capacities for seeing in a new way. 

How we know water determines what we see of water and, therefore, how we interact with it and, ultimately, how we care for and manage it. If we see water as a commodity only, water management practices lead to fouling our waterways and ultimately a depletion of water resources; this becomes an infringement upon the right of all living beings to potable water. If we see water as a right — as “an element for life,” as an element that serves all life and environments without prejudice — then our management decisions will be different, be they how much water we use at home or what we see used in the public domain. 

We have a fourfold relationship to water: we drink it to quench our thirst; we use it as a waste stream (too much so); we enjoy its recreational virtues, whether we swim, sail, or ski; and we use it as a symbol and metaphor in our sacred lives and sacraments to connote transformation and change of consciousness. Present water education emphasizes pollution issues on the one hand, and engineering issues on the other, manipulating water and asking it to do our bidding. But we know comparatively little about the nature of water as such, its “character”, when left to unfold its innate qualities. Water reveals its phenomena through “how” it moves. Through hands-on experiments, making fleeting water-movement forms visible and carefully describing what we see and experience, we will be led towards increasing our observational skills and developing an understanding of what water is. We will allow water to become “our teacher” as we endeavor to understand water’s language of movement. In the process we acquire an inner mobility in our thinking, a “fluidic thinking” that helps us to follow processes in nature. 

In part 2 of this workshop, participants will take water relationship building further when water and earth science is opened to water art. The discovery process will shift when the tools of science are transformed into tools for art and creative experimentation. Shared aspects of science and art, inquiry, surprise, observation, phenomena, discussion, and documentation will reveal new pathways for seeing and relating with the natural world. Together with the water experience, teaching stories of successful water advocacy and activism will be shared in the spirit of inspiring furthering actions that are informed by the deepening water connection this workshop will provide.



Jennifer Greene
Laurie Seeman

Land Stewardship

Presenter Bios

Jennifer Greene is the founder and Director of the Water Research Institute and is an internationally recognized contributor to the understanding and scientific explication of water as a purveyor of life, with over 40 years of experience as educator and environmentalist. She provides consulting services to social and environmentally responsible businesses, NGOs, and government agencies in the US and abroad. As a speaker at conferences such as the early Bioneers Conferences and at four of the last World Water Forums, she has been effective in bringing an appreciation of water and the necessary understanding of the conditions that water needs to do its work in order to serve life.

Greene helped to coordinate the central exhibit of FotoFest 2004 Water, in Houston, Texas, bringing the work of Theodor and Wolfram Schwenk and the Institute for Flow Sciences to the US. Under her direction, the Water Research Institute in Blue Hill (WRI), Maine, carries on research and presents water phenomena workshops around the world. WRI is an incubator for new concepts of good water and operates in association with Schwenk’s Institute for Flow Sciences in Germany. WRI also works with the Drop Picture Method, developed by Theodor Schwenk, which charactarizes good-quality drinking water by its mobility. She is also a co-worker with the Constructed Wetlands Group, a company that works in wastewater management, specifically using common and native reeds to treat sludge. Under this company’s aegis, 5 million square feet of constructed wetlands have been built in 23 states. The Reed System has the approval of state and national regulatory agencies.

Laurie Seeman is an environmental artist, naturalist, educator, and leading water activist. She studied with Jennifer Greene through the biodynamic certificate course at the Pfeiffer Center 15 years ago and became both fascinated with water and activated to bring water education and greater understanding to the Hudson Valley regional community, which she has done consistently since that time through educating decision-makers; bringing water programs to schools; founding Strawtown Studio, a place for nature, art and science education; founding the Sparkill Creek Watershed Alliance; and stepping up to co-lead the Rockland Water Coalition in the successful, nine-year effort to prevent an unnecessary desalination plant from being built in the prime nursery of the Hudson River estuary by a global water company. Through her experiences as a change-maker, she has gained a special knowledge that she is passing on.  She continues to develop her own understanding and relationship with water and create innovative ways for giving a voice to water and bringing people closer their understanding of their own true essence and of their interconnectedness with nature. Her work is intended to inspire and lead to new thinking for taking action in ones life and community. For the past 5 years she has been studying with Joanna Macy, deep ecologist, in “The Work that Reconnects”.


November 23, 2019
8:30 am - 10:00 pm
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Sagamore Resort
Lake George, NY 12814 United States